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Meet the faces behind the magic at Bake n More!

CEO / Founder

Mohammad Al Hammadi

Everything We Bake, We Bake With Love. At Bake N More, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Operations Manager

Salma Mohamed

I apply my knowledge and skill in Bake N More every day so my job is always interesting.

Sales Executive

Vishnu Vivek

I find working in Bake N More to be a challenging but interesting place to work, pushing me to new heights.

Finance Manager

Nithin Jose

Working in Bake N More is great. Our managers truly support our career.


Akhil Ramesh

I like working here, Bake N More is a great company and has an amazing team.

Food & Safety/ Hygiene Officer

Florida Vios

I value my role in Bake N More and understand its impact on our operations.